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FREEBIE FRIDAY! Free Fantasy this weekend!

Free October 19, 20, and 21 -- Christopher Taylor's second book in the Scofflaw Series takes you to a world where gods and men are part of a game.

Neutral Parties

In the clash between law and chaos, there are no Neutral Parties. After their stony escape from the Imperial soldiers, the wizard Cazmeran and former shepherd Taelyn are joined in their quest by the orc Kovol. Hunted by the forces of Law, driven to the edges of society, the companions of Chaos struggle to reach the capital even as the Great Game heats up. The Gods have chosen sides, and not all is as it appears. From towering forests to the squalor of a fortified city, the pieces are in play, and no one will be able to stay neutral. Neutral Parties is the second book in the Scofflaw Series, a trilogy where life and death, wars and peace, exist solely at the discretion of capricious gods.

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