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Monday Motivation - Staying on course in the Holidays!

I took some time off after Thanksgiving and Pun Month to regain my bearings. It's weird not to be posting a pun a day anymore.

My husband's (and fellow author Chris Taylor) father passed away several years ago, and the tradition to celebrate his birthday with puns was a fitting one since the man was a consummate punster. It grew to encompass a whole month, and I take pride in trying to outdo my husband in puns. Competition is healthy, right? But, the week has passed, and I need to get myself back into GOOD habits. This is tricky during December. We celebrate Christmas in our house, so we have the Christmas tree, wrapped presents, I plan a Christmas feast for my family. It also makes the house a mad house as we try to get all those tiny details sorted out before the holiday itself.

We have all sorts of traditions in our family. We watch Santa on NORAD, we order a family ornament from Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, we watch Christmas movies like White Christmas and Elf, and of course we listen to Christmas music. I'll be honest, though, I dusted off my Pentatonix Christmas albums back in September. Despite the increasing age of my boychild, Santa is still a presence in our house. We don't do Elf on the Shelf (and, honestly, I would fail at moving it), but we do go see Santa and discuss what we want him to bring us. This year, Santa is bringing a pretty spectacular family gift, and the Boychild has asked for a particular stuffed toy, Sans from Undertale. Undertale is the current obsession in the house. Last year, it was Five Nights at Freddy's, so I can't decide if this is better or worse. I DO know that Sans is a character that uses lots of puns, so my life has been one neverending pun-fest for a while now. The holiday season is always a hard time to keep to a schedule, but, importantly, I need to do it to prove that I CAN keep to a schedule. In between all the wrapping, feasting, and revelries, work still needs to get done.

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