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Emily Taylor

Writer, editor, designer... Emily Taylor handles the nitty gritty details of DLS Publishing.  She graduated from a premiere college in the Midwest with a degree in all things English and has plied that trade ever since.

See books by Emily Taylor here.

Caitlin Roisin

Caitlin is the newest arrival to DLS Publishing's stable of authors.  She writes romance with a historical bent.  If you enjoy fair maidens, Regency era tales, and Lords looking for love, look no further. 

See books by Caitlin Roisin here. 

Chris Taylor

Chris lives with his wife and son (the TRUE god of Chaos) in the midwestern United States. An avid gamer, he has played Dungeons and Dragons (and knows how to figure THAC0 from 2 ed. to 3 ed. and beyond), has a wide collection of GURPS books on shelves throughout the house, and adores reading fantasy and science fiction.

See books by Chris Taylor here.

Cate Troyer

Cate Troyer is DLS Publishing's oldes and most prolific author.  She began publishing erotica and erotic romance in 2012, and her work is definitely FOR ADULTS ONLY. 

If you are over the age of 18, you can see books by Cate Troyer here. 

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