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The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In order to understand what’s about to happen, you need to understand that the past two years have been rough.  Not just COVID and the political sphere, but rough on a personal level as well.  My husband and I both lost loved ones this past year, and there have been times where putting one foot in front of the other felt like almost too much effort.  

Because of that, I decided to do something awesome for my husband, and when I saw an ad for a D&D themed advent calendar on Facebook, I went ahead and bought it.  Now, I’m not new to the internet commerce world.  The website was shady, but I paid via Paypal because there was no way I was entrusting credit or debit card details to it.  And besides, if I didn’t get it, Paypal was easy to run a dispute through.  I had done it before.  Plus, the picture of the Advent Calendar looked legit.  What could go wrong. 

Dungeons and Dragons Advent Calendar

What I thought I was ordering...

I soon learned the answer to that.  

I was starting to get worried in mid-November when my package hadn’t arrived yet.  Until, one day, there was a knock at the door and our mail-lady handed me a package.  At first, I had no idea what it was.  It was in a soft-pack mailer, but the item inside was hard and rattled.  Imagine my surprise when I tore into it to find a hard plastic tackle box with a bad printing of the Dungeons and Dragons movie poster on it with numbered tabs. 


What I actually got

It was both somehow better, and worse, than I anticipated.  It’s been sitting out, waiting for December 1st to arrive so we could open it, and the day finally arrived.  So, here we go…

Day One

Day 1

On the First Day of Christmas, my D&D Advent Calendar gave to me.... A tiny plastic egg filled with even tinier rubber dinosaurs... 

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