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Monday Motivation -- Life Happens, and that is OK.

Two Mondays ago, I talked about how my blog entry got over-ridden by a sick boychild. Then, I missed a week. This week, I get to talk about how, even despite my plan to do better, I still got waylaid by unexpected occurrences.

The costume... With Mask

Last Saturday was the local zoo's “Zoo Boo”. Boychild wanted to go as a game character from Undertale, Sans. We pieced it together with a hoodie and a pair of black jeans from Goodwill, but the head was going to be a bit more difficult. Boychild has a difficult time with anything on his face, so make-up was a no-go. We hit one of the local pop-up costume shops on our way to the event and found a Jack Skellington mask that worked out remarkably well! Zoo Boo was wet and cold. We had lake effect snow and sleet coming in, so we were eager to get home and out of the cold. That evening, when we arrived home, I sat down at the computer to begin my blog entry. Our power blipped twice, and then was out for the count. I pulled out the oil lamps and Boychild and I played a game of Quiddler while the Husband dozed in the dim light. We retired to bed that evening with no update from the power company on potential restoration times.

What is a game without the proper hat?

Sunday was sunny but still chilly. And, sadly, we were still powerless. The Husband went out and fetched us some coffee, so we could at least start our day. We burned empty boxes and then FINALLY turned our attention to getting the pool down. It had been sitting, empty, in the back yard since mid-September. There was a half-hearted protest from Boychild, but the wet and cold days recently won over the idea that maybe our swim days had finally come to an end. Power came on, finally, that evening. I feel like I've spent the past week attempting to catch up from the unexpected. It doesn't help that our calendar is filled with events, from the Boychild's archery classes to the usual Halloween fun leading into the preparation for the Holiday season. So, I can say I will try to do better, and I will, but I think today's motivation should be that Life Happens, and that's OK.


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