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Wednesday Wisdom with Inspirobot

Inspirobot is an AI program that creates inspirational memes. Some of them are great! Most of them are nonsensical. And then there are some that are just plain weird. Let's see what Inspirobot has in store for us today.

Deep thoughts

This one is pretty deep. What is illusion? What is reality? Is it only my perception that makes something real or illusory? It reminds me of my philosophy classes in college. The very basics of "love" are considered an illusion by some. A friend of mine just lamented on the illusion of "unconditional love." I have to disagree with her though because I have experienced unconditional love from my family and my husband. I have unconditional love for my family, my husband, and my son.

Of course, this begs the age old question: "What is love?"

And with that ear-worm in mind, happy Wednesday.


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