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Wednesday Wisdom from Inspirobot!

Inspirobot is an AI program that creates inspirational memes. Some of them are great! Most of them are nonsensical. And then there are some that are just plain weird. Let's see what Inspirobot has in store for us today.


It sounds really complicated, but, if you think about it enough, this one is absolutely true. You look at the beauty of a sunset and are awed by its beauty... But consider not just what it took for that sunset but the chain of things that were required for YOU specifically to see that sunset. While the science behind the sunset is somewhat clinical, the creation of the Earth in the cold, dark void of space, the unbroken line of life all the way to the first mammal that eventually led to you being there at that point in time... You are not insignificant in the scheme of things, even if all it means is that you were THERE to see THAT sunset.

People struggle in the holiday season for a number of reasons. They have problems with family and friends. They have Seasonal Affective Disorder or other mental health issues. They lose someone close to them. That sadness is very real and very painful. But please remember that you are part of that unbroken chain of sunrises, rainbows, sunsets, and life, and all of it led to YOU.

Happy holidays!


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