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Post-Holiday Recovery - an ode to missing time

So, obviously I didn't keep to my schedule as planned. That said, we did have a great holiday. I've now got a “fireplace” in my basement. That was my big Christmas present from my guys, and it is totally worth it. My husband planned a big reveal, draped yarn all over the yard, so I had to follow it from under the tree, all around the yard, until I found it in the back of the car. He used an entire spool of yarn. There is a 12 minute video (which was in the dark so it was more like radio) of me trying to find my Christmas gift at 6 am on Christmas morning. I was exhausted.

The fireplace is fantastic though, puts out a good amount of heat, and is also a good start to my library. We have so many books and nowhere near enough bookshelves. We moved in a couple years ago and I still have BOXES of unpacked books. That's next on my wish list for the room. I know Marie Kondo says in her new Netflix special that you shouldn't have more than 30 books. She means per subject, right? Because I might be able to agree with that. Anything less than a full library, though, and she and I have issues.

The Santa gift to the family (the Nintendo Classic) came in pretty handy on New Year's Eve as well. We set up in front of the fireplace and played Doctor Mario. We visited with family, drank homemade eggnog, shared gifts and laughter. Of course, we started the new year, as one does, broke and tired, but that's how we know it was a good holiday, right?


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