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Monday Motivation - Post Polar Vortex Edition

If you follow us on Twitter, you'll know that we got buried in the Polar Vortex. (If you aren't following, WHY NOT?)

It interesting experience, and not one I am eager to repeat. Temperatures in the negative teens after wind chill had been rare. Experiencing temps in the -20 range BEFORE wind chill was unheard of. All the news stations were talking about the RECORD BREAKING CHILL, and it delivered. I spent the lead time doing things like making sure we had food to last us through the cold snap.

Hard work before the snow hit!

Tuesday was the day things were really supposed to get bad. We had been through a weekend of snow leading up to the frozen weather, and Monday night had winter storm warnings across the area. Schools started canceling and even the classes Boychild was taking through a homeschool partnership were canceled. We did get some sunlight though, and I was able to have the child shovel space for his dad to park.

We also took the dog out to romp and play before the cold really hit. He loves the snow and loves playing in it. When the cold hit, though, he discovered a limit to his enjoyment. We took him out on a leash during the coldest days, but even the few minutes outside pushed his limits. The snow hurt his paws and he kept trying to lay down, so we had to keep prompting him to move and actually go to the bathroom.

Delicious Bread

I made several meals using 10 lbs of chicken leg quarters that I found in the freezer. I also made a batch of 5 Minute Artisan Bread. It's been popular enough in the house that I have to keep making it for the time being.

We made it through, and the dog was back out and romping around again on Friday. We've got a February thaw for the next few days (high of 50 today!) However, next week it's back to the cold weather. Wish us luck!


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