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Freebie Friday -- The Billionaire's Nanny 1 (Steamy Romance)

Are you looking for a quick, steamy read to keep you warm this weekend? Part 1 of The Billionaire's Nanny is available on Kindle for free.

The Billionaire's Nanny

Former nun Kayla D'Angelo worked as a nanny for black billionaire businessman Jackson Dermott and his wife after the birth of their daughter. When the Dermott's relationship fell apart, so did Kayla's position in the household, at least until Jackson contacted her again. He wants her back in his house, caring for his daughter, but Kayla didn't read the fine print on the contract. He wants a baby, and she has to provide it. Now she finds herself in a very unusual position, in the billionaire's bed. Will Kayla be able to melt the ice around Jackson's heart before he puts a baby in her belly? This short story starts the romantic Billionaire's Nanny serial from Cate Troyer, author of the popular "Bound to the Blind" Dark Romance story. NOW CONTAINS THE BONUS FIRST CHAPTER TO BOUND TO THE BLIND


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