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Monday Motivation -- 5 songs to get you motivated

If you're like me, you know how hard it is to get moving and get on track. There are always a million different things today. For example, I wanted to have this blog ready to go at 10 am. Instead, however, I took a shower, did laundry, got potatoes chopped for dinner, and cleared a slow-running drain. In short, I did everything I could to procrastinate and justify that procrastination. Thanks A.D.D. But, one thing that can help me get in the mood for getting work done is music. So, here are the top 5 songs on my playlist that I use to pump myself up and get motivated. Links to the MP3s are in the titles. Enjoy! And tell me what songs you use to motivate yourself! 1 – We Could Do This All Night by Icona Pop

The opening beat of this party song is uplifting and high energy. That's something I think it important in getting out of that rut of procrastination. Plus, the lyrics are incredibly encouraging.

This song includes the phrase: “So let's set the world on fire. We can burn brighter than the sun.”

A great reminder that the first step can be THE step needed to change the world or create something spectacular.

Another high energy, blood pumping song!

Don't be afraid to do things differently than the world tells you to!

This is a cover of the U2 song that was attached to Amazon's show The Man in the High Castle.

Again, don't get stuck on what people are telling you is the right way to do things. Instead, get out there and actually change the world.

A classic to close out this list.

Generally, after these five songs, I am pumped and ready to get to work.

What songs are on your playlist that get you motivated and ready to DO something?


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