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Delayed Wednesday Wisdom with Inspirobot!

I got sucked in to watching the Congressional hearing yesterday, and realized this morning that my Wednesday Wisdom with Inspirobot never got posted! Inspirobot is an AI program that creates inspirational memes. Some of them are great! Most of them are nonsensical. And then there are some that are just plain weird.

Let's see what Inspirobot has in store for us today.

Not sure I like this one...

We're coming to the end of meteorological Winter, but I still feel like the potential for illness is out there. Maybe that's just coming from my position as a mom, but it's there. My son's archery instructor has the kids wipe down all bows and arrows with disinfecting wipes after class, which, with that many kids, I think is a great idea. It's probably not going to stop the inexorable spread of illness though.

When you think about it, some very terrifying stories have come from uncommon illnesses, so Inspirobot is not wrong. Two examples off the top of my head:


Do you have any favorite "Uncommon Illnesses" books?


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