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Belated Pun Month 2022 -- ADHD is a b*tch.

November was Pun Month, and it is how we celebrate those in our lives who have died. This year, the ones weighing most heavily on our minds were my father and my husband's mother, both of whom died in 2021. We started Pun Month to celebrate our loved ones by spreading joy in the world in the form of puns.

November was also Thanksgiving, so I set up some final posts while we were gone, and planned a batch for when we returned... That I never actually posted. Damn my ADHD.

When we did come home, I was consumed with Christmas planning and wrapping and even more planning for the Christmas meal, which is a completely different story, but that meant when I logged in today to set up a post for a MAJOR PUBLISHING ANNOUNCEMENT, I discovered I had never actually POSTED the final Pun Month post. Instead of publishing that one, I'm just going to go ahead and post them now with a big "I AM SO SORRY."

Enjoy the final (belated) puns. Days 25-30



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