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Days of Bread

Card — Five of Pentacles (Reversed)

Color — Maroon

Incense — Basil


I am trying to set myself up to run blog posts ahead of time and, somehow, become a fully functional human being. Some days, I know, it’s harder than others, but since I am trying to become a better, more functional person, here we are.

In 2020, I pulled the reversed Five of Pentacles for TarotWriMo. Like most people, I didn’t expect to see it again. It’s supposed to mean good things, good change. It’s hard to see it after the past couple years, and we need to stop and take stock of all the positive things. This Christmas, I did get to spend time with people that I love. We did have a family get together. I did get to see all my kids.

Today I am making bread for the third time in four days. I got a new breadmaker at the beginning of summer in part because my old breadmaker was only good at making dough and the motor was obviously dying. It sounded like a sick cow when it mixed things, it was slow, and it was fidgety. The Husband told me to pick out the breadmaker I wanted and then go ahead and get it, so I did. It's a Hamilton Beach machine with way more settings than I was used to. It can even make jam, cakes, and gluten free bread. I was excited when it arrived because we do love fresh bread in this house, but we were also going into summer with a broken air conditioner, and baking bread under those circumstances was a no go. When Fall arrived, we had several other things going on, and so I only just got around to unboxing and using it.

So, while I sit here typing this, the bread is mixing and baking. And THAT is one thing I like about a breadmaker. Even when I had to bake it myself, having it make the dough meant I was free for a lot of other things. I could do other chores, focus on other tasks, and just let the machine handle that. Our local history museum had a list of the daily task for households in the area, and we amusedly talked about bread day. But, I know how long making bread for a family can take, not counting the baking part of it. It really would take up a whole day to make enough bread for your family for the week.

And, this is really the first time I have a bread machine that is effective at baking the bread too. Our last one was old when we got it for free off of Freecycle. It was definitely an early 90’s model, and it was obviously a workhorse. It also had no removable bread pan, which seems to be the standard now. It did well for the decade or so we had it. I ended up passing it down to one of my daughters with the caveat that it could really only be used for making dough. So actually making bread in the bread machine is a new experience for me. I may go back to just mixing the dough and baking in the oven as the novelty wears off, but for now, I’ll take what I’ve got.

I do want to get another insert for the machine since I can also make jam with it, and I must admit, that has me curious. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


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