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Fire in the Mountains: Episode 6 release day!

Jim had draped his coat around Callie, using it to shield her from the chill of the morning air. His uninjured arm was curled protectively over her shoulder, offering comfort and support. As John approached, Jim looked up at him with a deep sense of concern etched on his face, the worry lines crinkling his forehead.

“What’s the plan, Chief.”

“We’re heading to the clinic, Jim,” John crouched down in front of them, his voice low. John leaned in, peering at Callie's face intently. Slowly, she lifted her eyes to meet his gaze, her green eyes wide and unfocused. The smattering of freckles on her face stood out in sharp contrast to her pale skin, which was drained of color from the shock. John could see the tremble in her lips and the slight quiver of her chin as she struggled to keep her emotions under control. John felt a sympathetic pang in his chest. — Episode 5, Fire in the Mountains


Episode 6 is live today, folks, and let me warn you, it got away from me. It’s significantly longer than the previous entries, but these guys had their own plans for how this entry to the story was going to go. Blame them.

We’re still in the early days of meeting the characters and learning about them, so now is a good time to catch up.

Let’s start with John:

John Smith is an unassuming name, and he’s used to people underestimating him because of it. However, John is smart enough to let the name do some of the work for him too. If people dismiss you so readily, they’ll also be more willing to tell you things you shouldn’t know because of it.

John is no shrinking violet, either. He was one of the youngest investigators to lead a Mafia case against the Malletti’s, a case that upended his life when his wife was killed in a hit directed at him. Since then, he’s closed himself off from interpersonal connections of that sort. He sees it as removing potential targets from danger, but he also ignores the damage such loneliness can cause to a person.

John has been Chief of Police in Rocky Gap for the past ten years, and he’s carved himself a home there, learning how the town’s tourist cycles work and keeping the place safe. He wants his new home to be the kind of place he would have raised his family, if he’d had one.

John’s time in Rocky Gap, up until now, has been pretty calm and pleasant. However, things are in motion that will change all that.

Keep up with the story and find out more about John in Fire in the Mountains. And make sure you like and follow the episodes while you’re there. Much like any other series, if you want it to continue, you’ve got to show it some love!

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