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FITM Release Day -- Episode 15!

Welcome back to Fire in the Mountains, where the romance and suspense are heating up in Episode 15!

In this episode, we see Chief Smith getting a bit distracted from his investigation as he becomes enamored with a certain young, red-headed waitress. As much as he tries to focus on his work, his mind keeps drifting back to her and the possibility of a new romantic connection.

While the Chief is exploring a potential new love interest, the Malletti family’s influence in Rocky Gap continues to grow. Their presence is becoming more and more apparent, and it seems that no one is safe from their reach. Even out of town.

If you haven’t been reading it, now is a fantastic time to start. Burn through those episodes to catch up to our Friday releases. Please make sure you like, follow, and comment on the stories too! Hearing what pulls you in is fantastic feedback for a writer, and incredibly encouraging!

In the meantime, grab a cup of tea and your favorite reading device! Settle in and find out what happens next!


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