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Gardening (with a gallery of pictures)

I’ve not been as good about writing as I should be these past few weeks. You can look back and see how spotty the blog entries have been, and all my writing has fallen by the wayside over that time. In my defense, I’ve spent a lot of days outside in the garden. This year, I’m working on actually trying to listen to my brain and body and not bite off more than I can reasonably chew, metaphorically speaking. So, this is just a short, quick blog entry to keep myself in check and not just vanish until I get things under control.

That said, where HAVE I been? Well, outside mostly. We spent a lot of time clearing and prepping once we got home from the Hawaii trip, and my usual Mother’s Day trip to the plant nurseries was postponed a couple weeks due to crowds. Driving by one of the places and seeing their parking lot full as well as cars parked on the side of the road was enough to make me agree to postpone. I did not relish the idea of strolling along aisles packed with people to scrabble over plants. As it turned out, waiting a couple weeks was just what we needed.

So, after visits to no less than three nurseries as well as a chain garden center more than once, I think I got everything I need, and I think I’ve finally gotten everything in the ground. I didn’t mean to immerse myself as much as I did, but I am pleased with the results. There is still maintenance work (like weeding) that I will perpetually put off until the whole thing is overwhelming, and the usual daily mold and bug checks. I have to add “bunny checks” since the tops of my tomatoes have been gnawed on. And now, everything is in, everything is growing, and I have the ability to focus on something outside of the garden.

Especially since the next few days are going to be cold, cloudy, and potentially rainy. It will give me the opportunity to come inside, sit down, and get some things done. I need to continue to document the growing plants, but I feel good about this growing season. The past few years have been bad for growing things, both due to many of the personal difficulties and the weather itself. 2021 rained all of April, and no one, not even the farmers, could get anything planted on time. Then it went from cold and rainy to scorchingly hot and disrupted the usual growth patterns. Last year, I lost so many plants before I could even put them in because we had cold, freezing weather into May. This year, I was prepared with my indoor greenhouse and warming mats to keep them alive. And, I’ve been bolstered by the remarkably good weather. We had some cool days very early in May, but then we got locked behind a pressure ridge which gave us 2 weeks of warm, dry, sunny weather.

Hence my disappearance. Anyone who lives in an agricultural area knows that you take advantage of that sun when it comes because rain will also always arrive. And, indeed, the rain has arrived. I’ll let it do its thing, take over the watering of the plants, and start knocking off my list of not outdoor things. Stay tuned! So, if you're here, thanks for sticking around, and enjoy the rest the rain brings.


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