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November Update -- Fall is here. Winter is coming.

It’s one of those times where I don’t know where to begin, so all I can do is sit down and write. We’re well out of Summer and heading to Winter, if you can believe it. We believe we have the husband’s diabetes mostly under control. I’ve broken out of the spiral of trying to eliminate all carbs to figuring out what amounts he can eat. Instead of NO POTATOES ever, we measure it out. Yes, he can have a peanut butter cup. We’ve discovered rice REALLY impacts his blood sugars, and that pork rinds have zero carbs for that late night crunchy snack.

The garden came and went, the groundhogs tried to build a home beneath our sheds, the Husband learned how to catch rainwater. We had the pool up, spent time outdoors, and spent time together. I did a lot of grilling and figuring out meals.

But, somewhat interestingly, I did start listening to a Horror Podcast that I came across (while I sat outside and crocheted), and got a couple of emails pushing the Kindle Vella program. And that is something I’m taking a look at. Vella appears to be set up for serials, which, if you’ve been around, is where erotic author Cate Troyer got her start.

I’m going through several older works and trying to figure out where I was going with them, and weighing whether or not they would be good Vella candidates. Some of them are quintessential writer stories that have been around for decades. Every writer has a story of love that will likely never be done. Some writers make a living off of it. Stares intently at a certain famous author.

Add to the pressure that Boychild, entering the final years of homeschooling, has expressed an interest in learning how to do some of what I do. It would definitely add some interest to his future college applications. But finding the time to do that is a struggle with the precarious balance of time, attention, and enough leeway for distraction that I expect the both of us to have. It gets slotted behind things that have priority, like regular classes, extracurriculars, and general household stuff.

And, this will give me an opportunity to re-learn the publishing biz. Wish me luck!


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