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Plans are moving ahead!

February 1st, the 32nd day of the year — Color: TopazCard Drawn: King of Cups (rev)

I can’t believe we’re into the second month of the year. Around here, we’re trying to get back into schedules. New semester, new classes for the Boychild. Husband and I are also preparing to celebrate our wedding anniversary with an actual honeymoon. We’re spending a week doing something we’ve talked about doing but never actually had the opportunity, financial or timewise, to do. And I hate to be all vague about it, but internet safety sez that you don’t share those sorts of things ahead of time. I promise to share once what’s going to be done is done.

It’s hard for me to believe we’ll be married for 19 years, but then I think of the fact that Boychild is in his second semester of what is his Junior year, and it just blows my mind. In my head, I’m still 20-something, but my body never forgets my true age.

There are lots of great things about being married to the same person for a long time, though. We have definitely learned a shorthand way of communication. I can have entire discussions, arguments, and agreements with him when he’s not even here to respond. So does he, apparently. Even better, when we discuss this after whatever decision needed to be made, far more often than not, when relaying the internal conversation, the other person will agree with whatever the imagined response was.

I continue to try and improve scheduling and balance things out, especially since I need to make sure Boychild learns how to do this himself. Next year at this time, he’s going to have to be the one to handle his scheduling, appointments, and medication. And that terrifies me, in a mom kind of way. I keep reminding myself that I, too, am not the most aware person, but somehow I made it to adulthood, and he’s got a far larger safety net than I did when it came down to it. There is a lot of drama he’s not going to have to deal with for a number of reasons. And while we may not be wealthy, we are pretty supportive. He’s not going to get cast from the nest and forced to sink or swim.

Boychild has also expressed an interest in writing like me, which means I have to get my act together and be a good role model. God help us all.

Speaking of, though!

This Friday, episode 3 of Fire in the Mountains will be released. It’s free too, so now’s your chance to read and catch up on them before Amazon institutes a price! (We get to meet Callie in this episode.) I hope you take a chance on it. Give it a thumb’s up and a follow, and keep up to date on episode releases. Or head over to the Contact Us page and sign up for the mailing list!


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