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We're Back? A Disappeared Writer Returns!

*tap tap* Is this thing on?

If you feel like 2020 has been a year, I am with you. I absolutely empathize. This year, so much has happened and not just in the COVID Pandemic way. Like most of us, I started the year with so many plans. What I was going to do, what I was going to accomplish, and, as usual, writing was at the top of that list. And yet, here we are, mid-October, and I have accomplished a grand total of nothing.

Everything that happened, from the reconnection with my father after 30 years to the Pandemic to the Election has just weighed me down this year. The parental reconnection took up the first three months of my year, and then, in March, everything came crashing to a halt. We had to stop visiting my father in the nursing home, classes were cancelled, events postponed. The Husband and I initially thought it would be a few weeks, maybe six weeks at the most, and then life would go back to normal. Spring Breaks became Summer Breaks, and March bled into May, and nothing changed. We shopped online, didn’t go into stores, I made masks, panicked more than a little, but wanted to keep things as normal as possible. I planted my garden, starting from seed since nurseries were a no go. We dug out our pool, only to discover a mouse or some rodent enjoyed the taste of it, and we couldn’t get a new one because of the global slowdown in production. And, at the end of it all, even my garden was a failure this year.

It wasn’t all bad, though. The Husband and I took a leap in May and started streaming. We were home, we were going to play video games anyhow, and so we might as well get some enjoyment and possibly a few extra bucks out of it. So, over the summer (since we couldn’t go anywhere or do anything), we built up what we needed to stream video games on Twitch and Red Parrot Games was born. We're WIDE variety streamers, pretty scuffed, and having a great time of it. You can check us out on Twitch or join our Discord to keep track of what's going on. (Note: It's all crazy)

We’ve been doing that 6 days a week on Twitch, playing a variety of games and trying to get a handle on a good schedule. Even being on the older end of streamers, we’re having fun and enjoying an international community. I’ve become quite adept at figuring out time zones when chatting with people. For example, Australian is currently 15 hours ahead of us, and I ended up getting to know a surprising amount of Australian streamers.

But, that leads me back here. I’m going to try, yet again, to combat ADHD, now with added Pandemic/Political anxiety and depression, and take control of my writing. I need to get back into this. I have a new computer that doesn’t freak out over running programs, I have Scrivener, and I have a community that I am going to do this with. So, in November, for NaNoWriMo, some of my stream time will be dedicated to writing. We’re going to try and NOT apply too much pressure on ourselves, and I will have 30 days of writing prompts that I will post here.

I picked up the Cat Tarot from Amazon. For November, I’ll post a card, its picture, and its meaning each day. If you want to write along with me, you can choose to write about the picture or the meaning of the card. It can be fiction, non-fiction, anything you want, but the goal in November, will be to end up with 50,000 words at the end of 30 days.

November is also the return of Pun Month. Pictures of puns on a daily basis!

And, since we’re not going anywhere for a while, still, I hope you’ll join me for both. Let’s try and reclaim our brains!


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