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MONDAY MOTIVATION - Crafting Epic Characters (With Infographic)

GURPS 4th Edition Character Book

Every writer has different ways of creating well-rounded characters, and it is important to remember that the best characters are more than just tropes. This infographic from Something Delicious highlights some of the important aspects of creating an epic character for your story. As odd as it seems to non-writers, remember that characters are people too. They have wants and needs, goals, dreams, desires, phobias. The best characters are broken in the exact same way we are. And, while this infographic highlights a “workbook” to create a character, you don't have to do that. One of the best ways that I use to come up with characters is rather nerdy. I use my husbands rather extensive set of 3rd edition GURPS books. The character sheet comes with space for disadvantages and quirks. Seriously, look up GURPS and see just how extensive the gaming system is. My husband easily has 75 books covering ancient history to far future and even alternate universes. Each book has an intense amount of research behind it too, making them handy books for some quick reference works. And let me tell you, tabletop gaming is also a great way to run through how disastrous some quirks, disadvantages, and advantages can be. We had a total party kill once because two characters had the disadvantages “Hot Tempered” and “Bloodthirsty.” They had quick tempers and would not back down in a fight, so when the party ran into a more powerful group of enemies, the fight went as well as you would expect. Everyone died. That can happen in your stories, too. It's why writers have to learn to temper those disadvantages and tropes, but do so in a believable fashion. Know your characters. When do they believe that discretion is the better part of valor? When will they fight to the death? What is it that drives them? Because, just like you or me, your characters need that spark of life to keep going.

How To Create An Epic Character


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