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Monday Motivation -- Stephen King Thinks I'm Talented

This guy is quite literally my writing hero.

Sometimes, as a writer, you look at what you've written and think it's absolute crap. The truth is, there is no greater critic of a writer than the writer themselves. I cringe from time to time, looking at what I've written, certain that it is absolute drek. It's why we need to remember that talent comes in many forms, and there is something out there for everyone. I include readers AND writers in that statement. I have been appalled, at times, at things which somehow achieve popularity. I can think the writing is terrible. I can think the stories and characters are flatter than the pages they are printed on. I can be absolutely certain that I could writer something better in my sleep. What I think doesn't matter in the end. They have achieved success. And I am certainly not going to say that popular books aren't worth reading. Stephen King is my hero. I think his writing is fantastic, and he certainly qualifies as popular. I think some of the wordplay in Rowling's Harry Potter series is amazing, and with multiple movies and spin-off books, that qualifies as popular too. I'll even admit to enjoying the Mockingjay series, something which, I've discovered, is apparently controversial. (Everyone's a critic!) And, there have been things I have written that I hated but which other people enjoyed. I have, on occasion, been thankful for that. It's literally put a roof over my head and food on the table before. So, while I may come down hard on myself for my perceived failures as a writer, it helps to remember that I am my own worst critic, and, as Stephen King wrote, I am talented. I think, then, the real question becomes: How do you stop that nagging voice in the back of your head that tells you how terrible and awful you are? Sometimes, pushing on works. Sometimes, it doesn't. Sometimes, you sit there with 6 partially done projects and feel overwhelmed by it all. What it takes is putting one word down... And then another... And then another. Eventually, you'll have something real and tangible. Hey, it worked to get this blog entry written.


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