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Monday Motivation -- Help! I Have Writer's Block! 3 tips to beat it and an infographic!

Writer's block is a pretty rough problem for any writer. It's almost physically painful to have a piece partially written or an assignment coming due and still have no idea what to do let alone where to begin writing. The infographic makes it seem easy with all points leading to “JUST WRITE”. As someone with ADHD, I can tell you... It's not that easy. Here are three tips that might help shake the words loose so they spill out on the page (and one thing to avoid!) 1 – Go for a walk! Seriously! Get away from the computer or the notebook and clear your head. Walk down to the corner store or go for a walk through nature. Sometimes the stress of needing to write helps form that writer's block, so stop. Don't think of the work you have to do, don't think of deadlines, just live in the moment. You may find it rejuvenates you enough to get back to work! 2 – Read something! Read someone else's work, particularly if it's in the genre you need to write in. Draw from their ideas to spark your own. Sometimes a turn of phrase or an interaction between characters is all that's needed to push your thoughts in a more productive direction. You see potential, and you just write from it. 3 – Freewrite! My students used to hate freewriting. The idea of just sitting there, writing ANYTHING for five minutes was AGONIZING to them. However, more often than not, when the timer went off, they always had “just a few more words” to put down. Take advantage of that! Now, in a classroom setting, I couldn't just let them keep on writing. However, you can just keep going after the timer goes off! Write! Spread those wings! That said, let me give you some other advice. Don't just “wait for inspiration” or blame your muse for your lack of words. You'll be waiting a long time if you do, and the wall against the words will grow. You can do this. Those words are waiting for you! So, go ahead! Write!



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