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Release Day! Lucky Number Seven.

Callie paused for a moment, turning her eyes to John’s face. “Did.. Did Deputy Marshall grab my purse and phone? I should probably call my dad. I’m late for work.”

John's eyes scanned Callie's face, his gaze softening as he took in the dark circles that sat like heavy weights under her eyes. The harsh lighting of the exam room only served to accentuate the washed-out pallor of her skin, causing her once vibrant features to appear ghostly and ethereal. Her body language betrayed the turmoil within, her arms wrapped tight around her torso as if to hold herself in check. She was struggling, that much was evident, trying to find something, anything, that she could control.Fire in the Mountains, Episode 6


Welcome back to another release day! Up above, you got a hint of what happened in episode 6, and the story carries on in Episode 7.

Last week, I introduced you to John Smith, our intrepid hero. This week, we meet his counterpart, Callie Walker.

Red-headed Callie had always been a force to be reckoned with. She had a heart of gold, a strong moral compass, and an unwavering desire to help those in need. She was the kind of person who always put others first, even if it meant sacrificing her own needs and desires.

After graduating from college, Callie had gotten a low-level job in her college town, with the intention of working her way up the ladder and eventually pursuing her dream of becoming a social worker. But all of her plans were up-ended when her mother passed away unexpectedly.

The loss of her mother hit Callie hard, and she found herself struggling to cope with her grief. She took a leave of absence from her job and Callie moved back to Rocky Gap and began working at her dad's diner, Walker's Walk-Inn. But as the weeks turned into months, Callie found herself feeling more and more lost.

Callie, along with her younger brother Connor, had grown up working at the diner, bussing tables and washing dishes. She had always enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the restaurant and the sense of community it brought to the town. She was a homebody at heart, and the diner, along with Rocky Gap felt like home. But there was always something missing.

She loved her job, and she loved acting as a confidante and advisor to the people of Rocky Gap. As a waitress and one who grew up in the small town, she knew everyone, for better or for worse. And she felt she had a pretty good bead on everyone. Everyone, that is, except John Smith.

John had arrived in town when Callie was in her senior year. She vaguely remembered him from the introduction at the local high school, but she was off to college the next year and had better things to worry about than the new police chief in town. She’d heard bits about him from her parents while she was away, but only the very basic stuff. She knew he was the youngest Chief the Gap had ever had, she knew there had been some big INCIDENT in his past, and she knew he was considered pretty eligible. She hadn’t paid too much attention, to be honest.

But then her mom got sick, and Callie did spend more and more time back in Rocky Gap. When her mother passed away, it seemed obvious that she would move back and help her family through the grief and help keep the diner going. Now, two years later, with Spring coming to Rocky Gap, Callie feels hopeful about the future, and her thoughts are on what she wants her next steps to be.

Keep up with the story and find out more about Callie in Fire in the Mountains. And make sure you like and follow the episodes while you’re there. You can also leave comments about the story or tell me what you think will happen in the story there as well! Thanks for reading!


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