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TarotWriMo Day 12 -- Seven of Swords

2020 has been a rough year, but we're going to take control and beat NaNo this year! The idea behind NaNo is that you write 50k words in one month, and I'm modifying it a bit. We still aim for 1667 words per day, but I am going to post a writing prompt in the form of a tarot card and its meaning every day. I'll be using the Cat Tarot (purchased from Amazon) and you can be prompted by the picture or the meaning of the card itself!

Does that make it TarotWriMo?

You can also catch me streaming my writing at Red Parrot Games for a couple hours later this morning! I hope you'll join me!


Day 12 -- Seven of Swords

This is a difficult and uncomfortable card to pull. Someone, perhaps even yourself, is trying to get away with something sneaky and deceptive. And now, the secret is going to come out. Be prepared to face the consequences.


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