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FREEBIE FRIDAY - Law of the Land (Epic Fantasy)

Law of the Land - Scofflaw Series

This weekend, the first book in the Scofflaw Series is available for free! If you enjoy complex, vibrant worlds, high fantasy, and interesting characters, this book is a great start. Readers have compared to works by authors like David Eddings and R.A. Salvatore. It's available as both an e-book and a paperback (though the paperback isn't free).

Taelyn is a simple, solid young shepherd. On his own since the death of his parents four years ago, he enjoys the life he leads in the small, rural village of Byrkhill caring for his farm and sheep. The past week, however, has been filled with strange occurrences that disrupt the orderly world that Taelyn loves, but his troubles seem to be coming to an end, at least that's what he thinks until a crazy old man shows up on his hillside raving about gods and knights. With that inauspicious start, the easy life of the shepherd is turned upside down as the powers of both worlds swirl and converge around him. The end of the Great Game is in sight, and the pawns are on the move. The forces of all the gods, lawful, chaotic, good, and evil, seem to be focused on the young man and the magician sent to collect him for Bartleby, a god unknown by most scholars. How can the pair of mortals hope to survive in a game played by the gods?

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