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FREEBIE FRIDAY -- Prologue to the Scofflaw Series (Epic Fantasy)

Today's Freebie Friday is one of our perma-free offerings. The Prologue for the Scofflaw Series is always free. This short entry into the series introduces a rich and vibrant world and paves the way for the cast of characters to come. Give it a read and, if you like it, give it a review as well. :-)


The gods have played the Great Game for eons, and worlds have hung in the balance. Some worlds have survived, some have been destroyed, and some of the playing fields have existed in a draw. The last game nearly brought about the destruction of man and god alike, requiring drastic measures to reset the board. Now, the current iteration of the Great Game draws to a close, the winner nearly decided. All the gods have played their parts, save one. The God of Chaos has been unbound, the rules granting him one last move... But this particular god hates doing what is expected. This short story is your entry to the epic Scofflaw Series, where the whims of the gods leave a world on the edge of destruction or salvation. Contains an excerpt to the novella "Law of the Land."

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